Liliane, Bi-Dyke

by Leanne Franson

Good-Bye to the Bestest of Doggies

It is with great sadness that Leanne would like to announce the passing of her dearest and most loyal friend, Muesli, Friday, October 13, about 11:13 pm. Muesli had a long and happy life, and was jumping to grab splashes of water in the fountain during her walk in the park (her fave game other than jumping for snow in the winter) up to 6 hours before she started having problems, around 1am Thurs Oct 11.

Muesli was diagnosed with myoasthenia gravis and megasophagus (links provided for the ever curious or nerdy such as myself:

Myasthenia gravis

which caused problems with her swallowing, keeping water down and breathing.

Tonight, to spare her further suffering I had her put down while I held her in my arms. She was the bestest doggy til the end, wagging her tail when I arrived and kissing my face all over.

Please remember my doggy with love and happiness in your heart. She will be greatly missed. I thank all of you who were friends of hers. She lived for her friends.

love, Leanne

RIP Muesli good doggies, Jan 5, 1996- Oct 13, 2006.

Muesli and Anne Marie... Monday Oct 9, 2006

Happy doggies with fountain, icecream, and walkies in the park. Summer 2006

Last photo of Leanne with Muesligooddoggies, 11:15pm Oct 13, 2006

If you were touched by Muesli in any way and would like to leave a comment, please go to the guestbook. Thank-you.

Any donations via paypal to help cover the vet bills are welcomed with great gratitude. I am going to negotiate to correct a misunderstanding with them that I somehow authorized up to $4500 in treatment (?!!) down to what I know I authorized, which is still over $1000. Ack. A warning to all to keep an eye on your vets and a company called Care Credit.

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